The Cartoon-College Network of Amritsar


Cinderella , Zoro, Noddy are the traces of past but their nostalgia always pulls me back to those golden times, when as a child I used to devote my life watching cartoons. Cartoons serve as an integral part in every child’s life. Cartoons personify common life and they can best describe the personality of an individual or power of an institution.

  • BBK DAV College for Women

For  instance, when I think about my college – BBK DAV College for Women, it compels me to associate it with the cartoon “Powerpuff Girls” which was one of my favourites of that time.Owing to the ever enthusiastic and dedicated lot of girls in the college, that’s a cartoon that can be aptly associated with it.

  • Guru Nanak Dev University

Saga of such associations could be established whereby Guru Nanak Dev University can be easily associated with American animated series -“ Rugrats All Have Grown Up”. To move further the magnificent building of Khalsa College in Amritsar reminds me about the show ‘Adventure Time’ whereby one has to explore and discover every nook and corner of the building to make it to the final destination.

  • Government Medical College

Scientific cartoons often strike the chords of my mind and this compels me to establish a link between the cartoon -“Mad Scientist” and the Government Medical College of the city whereby every student is trying to make head or tail of the activity, class or an experiment going on which indeed is eventually driving them eccentric.

  • Government Dental College

And not to miss, the Government Dental College can be linked with ‘How Did I Not see This Before’ in similar fashion; mainly for a dentist locating a cavity in the tooth and then suddenly sticking at the right spot.

  • Amritsar College of Engineering and Technology

‘Dexter’s Laboratory’ manifests the life of students at Amritsar College of Engineering and Technology whereby every student is somewhat trying to figure out that’s what’s going on with their life.

  • SSS College Of Commerce for Women

When I think about SSS College Of Commerce for Women, my mind bring flashes of the show ‘The Wonder Women’ as the college is replete with a huge chunk of girls who have the potential to do wonders.

All these associations of colleges with the cartoons reflect the life in education institutions and list of such associations can be very long. To precisely end up, all that can be said is that cartoons are manifestation of real life and if visualised creatively, they could help to enjoy education.

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Sophia Singh (BBK DAV College, Amritsar)


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