The Career (Bullock) Cart: Pull It Till The End


The career what? Wait… aren’t bullocks associated with something very hard to handle? While you pull the callous creature to drive the cart you’re resting on to subsist your journey, fiddling with the career groove to approve your existence in today’s world is a similar conation.

Career, or we must say CAREER (only if the block letters are sufficient enough to enforce the grand proposition that the word has attained over the time), is now no more a mesmerising affair.

Being an intelligent student is a tedious task. You hand out yourself as bait to the world and are subjected to vigorous questions and seemingly suitable “options” for a bright future.

A good grade in hand is the passport to travel through the stream of your choice; the pressure that builds thereafter turns fantasy to a phantom, scaring both the dream and the dreamer.

And the mediocre – as the society decides them to be on grounds of solely marks – are marred by remarks of being “infructuous” and “good for nothing”.

So much is the maddening frenzy to snatch up jobs and well-paid packages, that we fail to look through at the talent an individual possesses.

The incessant race towards securing grades to assure working in a furnishing company, makes one oblivious of everything else that would seem to matter – be it values or the necessity to take a break from the tiring routine.

‘The professional rush’ is now strewn with envy and hostility for fellow colleagues on petty grounds of higher scores, and the “he fetched a better placement than me” syndrome. With the so-called materialism that has set in, we realise that the very purpose of education, is lost. If this, you say, is taking the high ground let us take a look at the school-going folks. Things are no better in this set up too; they’re rather worse.

A year ago, a news report on the television announced the murder of a boy in Class 10 by his classmate, who was presumably his “arch competition” in the upcoming Board examination.

The tag of being the school topper was a driving force, sufficient enough to criminalise a teenager.

Before you decide to sit back, stunned at the very persisting trend – what if you are told that you too, are a part in establishing this wreck?

If a line has been set, each and everyone in the society is responsible for it. Why? But why not? How many of us have refrained from school sports and games on the meagre pretext of “my studies will suffer”?  How many times were you told by your parents that “you are sent to school for studying” and not to engage in foolish matters like dancing and painting?

And coming to these questions , we realise that all of us, sometime or the other, have compromised  or were made to compromise with our heartfelt interests in pursuance of this one big fat word –  CAREER –  that has now lost its meaning.

Each one of us out there has the onus of correcting and putting a stop to this deteriorating drift. Each one of us, from the parent, to the teacher and ultimately to the one who is burdened with expectations of performance – the student.

It would seem quite funny if we suggest the old to grow mature. But this is but needed to let parents understand that it’s neither the score nor the grade that helps a child grow, it’s the inner mettle.

An A+ or an A++ would make no difference, but how you let your kid flourish definitely would.

A flourishing career is not just academics, where your gulp books and mint money!

It is, however, a mix of work and wellness, toil and relish!

The next time you think of a career goal, make sure you give this a thought:

You build a career for life

               Not a life for career!

About the Author:

Tanvi Garg (SD College 32)




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