The Biggest Beer Festival in North India Goes Wild!


On 16th & 17th September 2017, Mohali witnessed the famous Lager and Barrel festival, one of the most happening events in North India. The vibrant festival took place at the Aura Vaseela resorts. At this beer festival, everyone was served a pint of beer, free of cost. And that was just the beginning of the fun. The night was filled with the most happening performances, live music, fun activities, and games and of course, endless beer. 

Many singers, bands and DJ’s performed and entertained people. The first performance was given by Ronit Vinta, who belted out covers of popular songs, and was adored by the crowds as they went mad dancing to the beats. The lead singer said, “It was my first time performing at Lager and Barrel, and it went really amazing. The crowd was very interactive, I look forward to such performances in future.”

This energetic performance was followed by the Nissi band, who set the stage on fire with rocking Bollywood songs and made people move their hips to the addictive music. Bombay Bairag was the third band performance, taking people in the trance of slow Bollywood music. They sang their melodious song ‘Atrangi Bandar’ and asked the crowd to sing along, placing hands on their hearts.

When Gurnazar, one of the most celebrated musicians of Chandigarh, took to the stage after making people wait for a while, the crowd went wild. The energy level soared high and there was a lot of hooting, with people asking him to sing specific songs. Gurnazar sang some of his own compositions which he deemed would never get released. Soon after, he was joined by the renowned singer Millind Gabba, and both of them just rocked the stage and people went crazy dancing and getting drunk.

Next up was the Raghu Dixit project and they were amazing to listen to. Last but not the least, was the DJ party, where renowned DJs played some awesome music, and the already energetic crowd got even more excited and danced the night away.

The second day kick-started with a mesmerizing performance by the budding rapper & singer, “MELLOW- D”, pairing up with Samma who geared up the crowd with their funky fusion. Followed by the fusion it was time for the next star, Himanshi Khurana who won the hearts of many. Next on the list was B Praak, with his first song, Mann Bhareya being one of his best tracks, he lit the stage like never before.

After all these remarkable performances, finally, it was time for the heartbeat of all male fans, Shirley Setia, to give her musical therapy to the already energized audience. As she began there were chants of “Shirley! Shirley!” all around. Then followed Asees Kaur, who majestically cast her lyrical notes and uplifted the audience. Later, Mohammed Irfan sprinkled romanticism in the brewer’s state and helped everyone feel the love.

All that dancing & boisterous vibes were sure to cause some hunger pangs and for that, the place had a lot of food stalls like Karim’s, Pizza Hut, Dumpling Hood and many more. The games section too was filled with people where they had fun playing games like sumo wrestling, foot pool and Jenga to name a few. There was also a kid’s corner, separated from the other sections, where child-friendly things were kept.

The beer section was artfully decorated and they served a multitude of drinks. The bartenders performed some awesome tricks while serving the customers. The event was a big boost to everyone who spent their weekend attending this fabulous fest to have a fun & frolic feast of beer, marvelous music, and enchanting games. Needless to say, the Lager & Barrel Festival won the hearts of people, like never before!

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