The Bat vs The God : Worth a watch?


Batman Vs Superman, the long awaited superhero movie released this Friday. It was a much awaited movie for both the comic book fans and the superhero movie fans .It is very hard to review a movie of this scale because of the unrealistically high expectations associated with it . Like with any movie, the enjoyment will vary for different kinds of people.  So we have divided this review or analysis into two parts and have tried to come up with a final score.

What works

Visually the movie was absolutely perfect. It was as if the characters had jumped out of the comic strips and into the big screen. The holy trinity of The DC has never looked this good and it got me really excited for the upcoming Justice League movie.

Ben Affleck as Batman was amazing. He had the muscle and the body to pull off the comic-like structure of the Dark Knight. His voice, and Bruce Wayne persona showed an aged, over the edge Batman.

Gal Gadot was perfect as Wonder Woman. I can’t say much about her without spoiling the movie but you will definitely enjoy when she’s on screen.

One of the best things that I personally liked with the movie was that it took the DC universe to new places. Instead of following the traditional storylines, the movie dared to change the existing character tropes. Many comic book fans might not appreciate this but a change in the original storyline isn’t always the worst thing.

Easter eggs. There is just the right amount of easter eggs in this movie which any DC comic book fan would love.

What doesn’t work

BATMAN KILLS! Batman kills people left and right in this movie. Hopefully he’ll be less homicidal in the upcoming movies.

Superman could have been dealt better in the movie. Sharing the spotlight with The Dark Knight wasn’t good for the Man of Steel.

Lois Lane feels out of place some times.

Sometimes, it feels disjointed which might be because of the thirty hour footage cut from the theatre release.

The score wasn’t nearly as memorable as the previous Nolan fims and Man of Steel.

Final Score

I rate the movie 7.5 out of 10 for it’s amazing visuals and strong performances for Wonder Woman and Batman. Hopefully, When Justice League comes out, the shortcomings will be fixed.

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