The apple and the checkmate

The battle is lost ,
And soon will be the war ,
It was just a bite ,
But now its a deep scar,
She lies fallen ,
There is no one to save her today,No dwarfs that are pure ,
No prince so sure,
The apple lies besides her,
She couldn’t resist,
Just a bite,
And Innocence lost the war,

Among the corrupted ,
She stands true but poisoned,
She is Waiting ,
For death or her saviour,
Its all the same,
Just end the game ,
Check and mate.
About The Author
Himansu 2

Himanshu Goel (UIET, PU)

Himanshu Goel is a 20 year old engineering student in Punjab University, India. He is featured in, Flash fiction magazine, a long story short, beam me up podcast and Polychrome Ink and forthcoming in The Singularity and Flash Fiction Press. You can usually find him at a McDonald or a football field in Chandigarh. Instagram – lighthouse_magician


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