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A poetry-cum-story telling event named, ‘The Anonymous’ was organized on October 6, 2017 at Veda, Sector 26. Event was supposed to be started at 6:00PM in the evening but couches were occupied by 05:30PM itself. The event provided a platform to the talented writers, poets and storytellers who were all out to share their views and feelings to the audience, but not their identities.

None of the participants were introduced because they were the ‘anonymous’ reciters. There was darkness all over except for the different coloured glow sticks provided to the audience. 

The event started at 6:00PM with the performance of Mr. Vijay Chauhan who is a flute and keyboard player. He had also performed at Shivalik Cloud Night. His flute performance was mesmerising and the audience was spellbound by the music. which was evident from hooting amongst the audience the performance ended with. 

After his performance, it was the turn of the anonymous reciters to take over the mike. There were certain rules for reciters and audience.

Reciters were asked to keep their poems short, for 3 minutes. They were also instructed not to use their phones, though they could borrow it from the organizers if phone was necessary for the performance. Audience had some rules to abide by, too, one of which was not to clap during any performance and if any phrase or line from the poem touches their heart they could wave the sticks instead of clapping, in order to avoid any sort of distraction during recitation. Use of phone was strictly prohibited for them too.

There were fourteen reciters with their tag numbers like No.1, No.2 and so on. Through poetries and stories they conveyed messages which were really heart touching. Messages they conveyed were related to rivers, status of women in our society. There were poems titled as AmavasHijab, and the likes.

The time limit was extended to 5 minutes for stories. One of the stories was named 109, in which participant recited about a boy whose girlfriend, also a rape victim, was admitted in hospital in room no.109. It was one of the examples of how meticulously the storyline was developed that even the room number had connection with the theme of the story (109 being women helpline number).

Another one named Awakening conveyed the message that we should live in the ‘here and now’ situation, erasing from their memory all the past happenings and not worrying about what will happen in future

Every performance was amazing, well written and well recited. Everyone was just listening to the performers and was busy drawing a parallel between the script and their own lives.

There was a surprise guest at last, again anonymous but his voice was enough for the listeners to identify him. He was RJ Gagan from Radio Station 94.3 with the producer of his show. Gagan added a lightness to the event with his puns, thanked the participants for such performances and the organisers of the Anonymous who provided them with the stage to express their talent. He invited the people from the audience who were good in doing mimicry for the celebrations of Mr. Amitabh Bachan’s birth-anniversary which was to take place on 11 October. His friend-cum-producer of his show also indulged in the act of mimicry, which left the audience in a peel of laughter. People in the crowd got their pictures clicked with RJ Gagan. There was an atmosphere of  happiness all around. 

Then it was time for open mike slot in which people from audience were asked to perform anything they would like to; singing, reciting poems, stories or anything instrumental. This was planned to give a chance to individuals who wished to express their feelings. It was initially planned to have 5 performances but when audience was asked to get registered their was a page full of names. There were different talents like a person sang on tabla beats, many people came up with poems and stories which they had composed on the spot. All this filled the crowd with energy and ardent.

About the Author:

Garima Khurana (PGGCG 42)

A girl who is in love with books and herself. Can be best described from her love for music and her guitar. 




About the Photographer(s):

Dhairya Mahendru (DAV College 10)

Kiran Kumar (UILS, PU Campus)


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