The All Rounder: Sharma Ji Ka Ladka

“Every king was once a crying child, every building had a blueprint.”
You know what? Sharma Ji’s son has moved to USA, Sharma Ji’s son is earning ₹2 lakhs a month, Sharma Ji’s son has banged 100 in physics, Sharma’s son has reached to the Mount Everest and has done what not in his damn life.
You are a true Indian if you have heard about all the achievements of Sharma Ji’s son. Our parents have designed a new scale i.e “Sharma Ji scale” and they keep on measuring our achievements on it. Here arises a sheer sense of comparison whereby kids like us are good for nothing, a blot on the family lineage and can never do anything worth remembering ever. 
Well, this brings me to a very major conundrum developing within all of us slowly and gradually-Comparison.
All of us are compared or are comparing ourselves with others. With every breath, a comparison is made, an expectation is raised by our parents or by ourselves. We try to be like other people, giving least importance to the qualities we possess. We participate in the competition, without even knowing what we are competing. Just because Sharma Ji ka ladka is scoring well, we start comparing our self with him and end up in a depressed state.
Rather than being inspired, we get distracted by these stories and end up losing our own battle. We are much bothered about others, but lay the least emphasis on the talents we possess.  Fear of comparison, makes one lose. 
What we fail to comprehend is that everyone is unique, and unique things are not meant for comparison. Rather than wasting our time on comparing, one should try on improving oneself. Everyone in the world has suffered or enjoyed life differently. Every king was once a crying child, every building had a blueprint. No matter where one is, what matters is where one will be.
 It’s the faith, the confidence that needs to be restored in oneself as faith can move mountains. One needs to have a focus on his goals, and have a determined mind which will guide us to the success. It’s all your mind game – whether you want to see the glass half empty or half full or even conclude that the glass is way too big. 
So, from now, let us stop competing with Sharma Ji ka Ladka, and start polishing & developing the hidden talents that we have. Man has the power, and Man makes his own destiny.Whatever the mind of a man may conceive & believe, the man can achieve.
Ps: Even I am a Sharma Ji’s son who avidly persuades everyone to never compare yourself, especially to me!

About the Author:

Aditya Sharma (GGDSD College 32)

Writing is an exploration. You start from nothing, and learn as you go! 
Hello, This is Aditya Sharma, a budding writer, who feels that words can be transformed into emotions and feelings. The pen possesses the power to change the world, and I believe in being a change! 

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