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June hits up and fresh-out-of-schools, fledgling boys and girls, all geared up to join college, start the tour of every college they wish to attend. Here in Chandigarh, we have people from Punjab, Himachal Pradesh, Haryana and Chandigarh itself, gathering to join in. And as they do so, they get a rare spectacle here that not many universities across India offer, that is the over-excited party volunteers offering help.

It’s exciting to see people gather around you and beg to help you with the procedure. It’s a goodwill gesture by the self-proclaimed student representatives. Also, their help is much needed if we look at it practically. We do not know anything clearly about the admission process, but they do.


They are the Superheroes, who are all out to help you.

Various figures can be seen once you park near any college. There might be a SPIDERMAN-like guy in the middle of it all. No, he won’t be wearing that super tight costume. But, he will jump onto anyone that comes near him and stick around, until they complete the process of admissions. This kind of a guy is most commonly seen.

Then there is a BATMAN, a mysterious guy who comes out of nowhere. Maybe that’s when you are walking towards the college, or just as you exit your vehicle. He is a shady-like creature who doesn’t talk much, does what asked to and talks only when you make an error while filling the form.

SUPERMAN might be the one who leads the lot. He is one of the political leaders of the college, who might be a sturdy man, standing there arms-folded and giving a stern look to each one of his companions. Those who are helped by him are in awe of his personality and knowledge.

The funniest of them all will be the IRON MAN, he will be the one who stands there in his Gucci shades and some other high end brand shirt, all buffed up. He probably might have gone through his gym routine that very morning. He knows nothing much, he is just a rich brat, standing there to see all the girls coming for admissions.

FLASH comes in for guest appearance time and again. The inner flash of everyone wakes up when they see a vehicle coming towards the parking lot. Hoping for a possible admission aspirant, many race towards that car.

WONDER WOMAN does wonders! Any girl standing there to help in admissions is a WONDER WOMAN. She has the looks and is dedicated to help. Not making any sexist comment, but girls do have that ability that gives them a slight edge.

There might be CAPTAIN AMERICA here somewhere, but this time he is busy working for HYDRA. So we kind-of left him out!


Trying to get a good first impression on the students, most of the hardworking volunteers stand from dusk to dawn in the hot summer sun. Their help is anyway needed, as nobody from the college offers help and when asked to do so, they makes faces as if they have been asked to quit their jobs.

It is a tiring task for all those young men and women out there, trying to get hold of everyone that comes. But what do they get? Well individually, nothing! But they might help their friend in winning the college or university election in the upcoming months.

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