The 3rd National Student Symposium on Physics


The 3rd National Student Symposium on Physics was inaugurated today by Prof. Satya
Praksh, an eminent physicist and former Vice Chancellor of Jiwaji University, Gwalior.
He inspired the students to work for restoring the pride of the country by working for
innovation in science.
After the welcome address of the convener, President IAPT RC3 Prof. Manjit Kaur welcomed
the chief guest, other dignitaries and the participating students from different parts
of the country.
The chief guest Director, CSIO, Chandigarh Prof. R.K. Sinha, presented his keynote
address highlighting the latest researches in Fibre Optics area and the contributions of
CSIO. His inspiring and energetic talk had a mesmerizing effect on the 200 odd audience.
HBSCE, TIFR Mumbai Prof D P Roy gave a talk on fundamental particles and their
interactions. In the post lunch session, IOP Bubaneshwar Prof Sudipta Mukherji talked
about the concept of renormalization in QFT taking simple examples from Electrostatics
and Quantum Physics. There were 6 oral presentations and around 14 poster presentations
by student participants.
The evening session ended with a popular talk by Prof. S. Sahijpal on origin and
evolution of universe. The three day program will conclude on September 19, 2015.


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