Ajeetpal Singh (DIESBY)


Q. What is music to you?

A. Music is what calms me down and sets me free. It fills me up with emotions. Music is like a therapy to me, its the chaos that’s inside my heart.

Q. How did the thought of making music strike you?

A. I love music like everyone else out there but I never thought that I’ll make my own music someday. I never thought I’ll make songs, connect with people or get into the music biz. It was never an idea but life always has plans for you. In life I realized very early that life isn’t a friend and it ain’t going to be there to lift you up unless you don’t want to get up. Its a mean world and you got to be on your own. You must take strong decisions for yourself, go against everyone, even your loved ones and that’s what I did.

Q. How were your intial experiences with recording your own music?

A. The first time I decides to record a rap song, with Rs. 500 in my pocket I was thrown out of the recording studio. It was that bad then.

Q. Who was your inspiration?

A. Back in 2009, Bohemia was a major influence. Everybody wanted to rap, I wanted too and I did. I’m glad I never put those rap songs on the internet or YouTube because they were terrible.

Q. What motivated you to continue rapping despite hardships?

A. Rap became historic in my life. I never wanted to be just another name in this business. Rapping was more to me than just being another rapper in the music industry and that kept me motivated. The desire to outdo others was the driving force.

Q. What’s your message to the youth?

A. Let me tell you a very real thing… Strong men are a product of tears wept in darkness and of devotion towards those dreams which rest of the world end appreciating. After spending 6 years today, I still hustle every day and the ones close to me know this. It’s not an easy path or journey. You should be willing to take punches right on your face and gather courage to get up because if you  are knocked out it might reduce you to being just regular and its onlh the exceptional and extraordinary that can bring true happiness to oneself. Struggle , jostle and work hard! It will bring you your heart’s desire.

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