Ten Scenes from Harry Potter which will never let you forget Professor Snape!


Ah! We can never forget the first time Professor Snape entered the class- banging the door; tall and mysterious with so much fury in his eyes, trying to make the light hearted students familiar with the delicate art of potion-making. A villain throughout, hating and torturing both Potter (most ardently) and Gryffindor students, came out to be our most beloved character from the Harry Potter series towards the end.

JK Rowling undoubtedly made us fall in love with not just the green-eyed boy but every character in the book! Our dear-dear PROFESSOR SNAPE, recently left the world leaving us all in tears. So as a tribute to him and a gift to all potter fans out there, 10 scenes from Harry Potter series which will never let us forget, our Slytherin in charge Proffesor Snape!

1) We all had our eyebrows twisted when we were curious to know why did Harry’s scar burnt painfully, looking at the grave looking- icy faced professor.

snape 1


2) When Ron and Harry couldn’t get into the wall due to Dobby’s magic and opted to fly Ron’s car to catch Hogwarts Express; Professor Snape was quite furious at the idea of injuring the Whooping Willow.

snape 2


3) Turn to page 394!

snape 3


4) Well Ron and Harry so wanted to find a prom partner but Snape had something else in mind.

snape 4


5) Obviously we thought it was Snape who was trying to jinx Harry’s broom. Although he as usual came out as a saviour protecting the Chosen One.

snape 5


6) We couldn’t help laughing when Neville performed a riddikulus charm on a boggart which took a shape of Professor Snape wearing his Aunt’s dress.

snape 6


7) Remember the password to read Marauder’s Map? “I solemnly swear I’m upto no good*. Well Snape couldn’t figure out this one when he caught Harry Potter roaming in the castle at odd hours.

snape 7


8) Little Snape falling in love with Lily Potter.

snape 8


9) When Snape couldn’t help but cry his heart out at the sight of his dead beloved.

snape 9


10) “Look at me..” The green eyes found the black, but after a second… Snape moved no more.

snape 10

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