Teej Celebration took the limelight in PGGC-11


The Chemistry Department of P.G.G.C.-11 marked the first ever Teej Celebration in the college on August 5th, 2016. The event was able to put up a bloomy and jubilant atmosphere, which attracted a lot of students to participate in various activities.


During the event, certain activities such as Rangoli making competition, Mehandi competition and Folk dances were conducted, and the winners were awarded with trophies. All the participants and students enjoyed learning about the festival, as to why it is popular and celebrated in North India. They also cherished the folk dance, swings and free food of kheer and poori.

All the rangolis were exhibited to one and all, and the Principal of the college, Mr. Sehgal helped the judges to inaugurating the function, along with pick up the winners of the events. The first ever Teej celebration resulted in a good response and as the faculty members told the students, it’s great way of exposing students to diverse cultures and to prosper unity among different religions and cultures.



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