TEDxChandigarh Concludes on Inspirational Note


The exclusive coming together of crème de la crème audience happened on January 15th, 2017 at the prestigious Indian School of Business (ISB,Mohali), wherein TEDxChandigarh totally justified its theme of ‘Dream| Ideate| Create’.

Curators Pritika Mehta and Simarpreet Singh thrived upon the idea of holding a first ever TEDxChandigarh in the tri-city. Giving shape to it, TEDxChandigarh opened up to a full hall, with people from all over the walk of life attending the event. There were more than 500 audiences for a full house. Corporate, entrepreneurs, students and senior citizens came with high expectations, all of which got fulfilled with a great line-up of speakers in the event.

tedxThe session started with introduction to TEDx. After which, different speakers took their time to get the audience in their comfort zone and inspire them. Among those ‘Dreamers| Ideators| Creators’ were Sandra Stinson Olanksy, Abhinav Bindra, Arun Sundar, Ravi Singh and many more. 

Sandra Stinson Olanksy shared her story about how a want to compare the pictures drawn by her elementary school kids and the kids from tribal area made her visit Kenya. While Abhinav Bindra (Olympic Gold Medalist) shared his experiences of the whole journey of his success as a gold medalist in Olympics. At first the ques-ans session was between the curator Simarpreet Singh and Abhinav Bindra and later, the house was open for all. Arun Sundar (thought leader from Trustsphere) talked about how everyone can stand above the materialistic approach and become a social capitalist. And Mr. Ravi Singh (Founder- Khalsa Aid) motivated the audience to stand up all together above the personal interests and work for humanity and not let the religion of a person be a hindrance.

tedxxxThe line-up also included an internet sensation and ‘happiness provider’. Ssumier S Pasricha (Writer/ Comedian) aka ‘Pammi Aunty’ shared his story of how to be the black sheep. He motivates the audience to work on what makes them happy and follow their own, original dreams.

In the interplay of inspiring and getting inspired, TEDxChandigarh came out as the silver lining to the first month of this year 2017.



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