TedX GGDSD concludes with ‘Ideas Worth Spreading’!


After a successful event last year, GGDSD College, Sector-32 Chandigarh again took the rein and organised a globally acknowledged event, TEDx on August 20th, 2016. Seven renowned speakers, from progressive bureaucrats to young entrepreneurs, were brought together by brilliant minds under one roof and joined the students to cater the event.


Speakers like Vikram Sridhar, who is an actor, wildlife enthusiast and a philanthropist, spoke on power of stories in an outsourced world; andRaul Rodriguez, a neuro-scientist, entrepreneur and deception expert working with Interpol, talked about the deceptive interpretation of Islam. The former having worked with the Mumbai police, had some really good thoughts which he favourably shared with the crowd.

While Dhananjay Chauhan put emphasis on one’s sexual orientation,Vivek Atray chose to speak on being Indian in a global era. Bharat Bhushan, a renowned IES officer was also present in the event who decided to put light on liberation of intellect. Kanan Tandi opted for an out of the box topic i.e. use of body language in fortune telling, where she targeted those who bluff people in the name of telling the fortune.


On the same note, Ankit Kwatra, the young entrepreneur, had a very interesting tale to share, which was his life story itself. He talked about how after working in a corporate firm and earning well, he left his job to help those people who barely get any food to eat. He talked on 21st century social revolution and boosted the crowd to fulfill the social duty, by helping those who deal with scarcity of food. The audience was highly motivated with the TED talks.

The event was based on ‘Ideas Worth Spreading’, consisted powerful talks and addressed the audience in a way that fostered learning, inspiration and wonder.
The speakers were presented with a token of respect by the H.O.D of English Department of the GGDSD College, Dr. Balraj Thappar.

The event ended with a musical performance structured by the organizing team of the event in order to end the evening in an entertaining manner.

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