TEDx DAV College :- An Intellectual Boost For All

Connecting the disconnected world”- Following the mantra of spreading not just ideas but vision to the masses. A  big  initiative was taken over by students of DAV College, Sector-10 , Chandigarh.
On 7th March, an open mic event was organized by the students of DAV College which was actually a second pre event cum open mic event before the main event.
 The event kick started at 2pm with the declaration of a count down by the Curator, Piyush Gautam (student,DAV College) for the main event which would   take place on 5th April,2019. 
There were two guest speakers from two vivid fields comprising of RJ Vishesh from 92.7 Fm Radio station and Prof.Jeesu Jaskanwar Singh (Assistant Professor in Education) from University School of Open Learning,Punjab University.
 There were ten plus speakers from the different colleges who shared their stories,ideas,vision and art using the platform provided.
During the first half student speakers came up and opened up to the audience on being the victims of depression and alcoholism,many others expressed themselves through poetry and story telling. This was followed up by a one to one interaction between the speakers and the audience.
Later,the guest speakers joined in to share their experiences. First of all RJ Vishesh talked about how life is not always a cake walk, he emphasised that the young minds must build self belief so as to tackle any hurdle that might encounter while chasing their goal. He also interacted with the audience through questions about how he managed to make it through besides all the backlogs he suffered.
After that,Prof.Jaskanwar Singh presented his experiences of travelling,adventure and photography throughout the world. His presentation consisted of how travelling can influence the life style of an individual and his approach towards looking at the world. He shared pictures of his cycle expeditions to Ladakh and many more ventures that he had taken to favour his zeal of exploration. He also shared some very integral tips about photography with the young photographers. The students enthusiastically participated in a discussion with him about travelling to different places of the world and the experiences that follow with it.
The mesmerizing afternoon ended up with a musical performance by Debashish,Akshay and Harsh who cheered up the audience with their musical extravaganza of the latest hits from the band Local Train.
The event was therefore a big boost to the spirits of all those who gathered to come up and share their stories live.
“We are striving towards bringing in ideas that favor transformation of young minds through bringing creativity and art together” – said Piyush Gautam (Curator TEDXDAV College).
All and all the event was a big success and all of us are excited for the main event

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