Technology: The New Dictator


Imagine you woke up late in the morning because your alarm didn’t ring. You got up in haste and found that there was no electricity. Full of hunger and anger, you aimed to reach the office as soon as possible, but the lady luck was not on your side. You reached late to the office, and got screwed up by the boss. The whole day passed with the frustration and anger.

Whom are you going to blame for your bad day? Yourself or the queen, technology?

Today’s era is fully dependent on technology. Rather than being self-driven, we are becoming a technology driven generation. Today’s Man is revolving around technology. He wakes up with technology, and sleeps scrolling down his Instagram profile. 

I rejoice my childhood, especially the evenings- group of friends and I used to play cricket, hide and seek and a lot of games, but todays’ child ends up spending his happy hours with gadgets. He is more up for protecting his clans, unlocking the candy crush stages, playing violent games and updating his social networking profiles. Technology has succeeded in making today’s child a lazy human.

All day, all night is spent with the technology itself.

Technology has nurtured the habits of isolation, poor sleeping hours, depression, stress and what not in today’s child. Making the child physically unfit, and the house of various diseases.

Albert Einstein rightly said, “Technology has exceeded the humanity”. It has made people cold-hearted, and self-centered individuals who don’t have time for the society, because they are viciously caught in technology.

Technology is a good servant, but a bad master. Today’s generation should avoid the over use, and over dependence on technology.  Excess of everything is bad. Children should be asked to go out for outdoor activities, rather wasting their evenings on gadgets. Use technology for living, but avoid living for technology. One should start utilizing the time in the best way, to make it productive, rather than worrying about the social networking profiles. One should learn to live in the moment, rather than capturing it. One should manage his phone, but not let the phone manage him. A judicious use of technology can benefit us a lot, whereas on the other side, technology possesses the power to ruin our lives as well. So, make a wise choice.

About the Author:

Aditya Sharma (GGDSD College 32)

Writing is an exploration. You start from nothing, and learn as you go! 
Hello, This is Aditya Sharma, a budding writer, who feels that words can be transformed into emotions and feelings. The pen possesses the power to change the world, and I believe in being a change! 

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