Tasavvur- Breaking Stereotypes


The 14th of January came alive with the event ‘Tasavvur’, organized by the Art and Photography Club and Sony India in Punjab Engineering College, Chandigarh. The guest speakers included Sameer Ashraf- the famous, charismatic photographer who hails from Jammu and Kashmir and has toured in Afghanistan, worked for National Geographic and even done photo editing for news channels. He blew the audience away with his humbleness, quick wit and professionalism. His wealth of experience and in depth knowledge of photography instantly made him the role model of aspiring students who eagerly plied him with technical and rhetorical questions regarding his fieldwork ranging from Jaipur to Palestine.

He was joined by the faces behind the new art community- ‘Musawar’, Aditi Mittal and Anay Dhiman. To the soundtrack of Radiohead, the two talented artists from Chandigarh presented their impressive and highly original body of work.

Their stories were an inspiration to all. From Aditi who is a self taught painter, designer and illustrator to Anay who has a background in architecture and loves experimentation and works mainly with cameras, their joint motto was ‘Connect, Communicate and Change’, something that complemented Ashraf’s message beautifully.

The co-founders of Musawar believe that humans are capable of pursuing any field if they put their mind to it and that all fields, whether engineering or philosophy, are ART. As art is life and vice versa. The focus was thus on demonstrating how an interdisciplinary approach to art only serves to render an individual’s work more potent and original, and therefore encouraging photography, art and a general aesthetic in even the most standardized engineering lifestyles. It looks like the pigeonholing of career paths in India is slowly breaking down and the new generation is behind this breakthrough. More power to them I say.

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Meher Vadehra (MCM DAV 36)

Meher Vadehra
(MCM DAV 36)

Meher is a freelance conceptual artist, writer and activist. She is an avid reader, singer, runner and a foodie!


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