Tarikh Fatah Rubbishes Off Pakistan’s Claim of Being a Nation


The dynamic political commentator and decorated writer, Tarek Fatah took to the stage on November 27th, the second day of Literati 2016 along with Sumitra Misra and with his staunch criticism of Pakistan made way for an engaging session.

Fatah took on various topics on the day ranging from partition to the recent elections in USA but was mostly vocal about his views on Pakistan and Muslim rulers from the past.

He started off by saying, “Partition was of Punjab, no other state saw the number of deaths as witnessed here.” He added, “Jinnah was duffer, he had no idea of the world and many ‘jinnahs’ were still alive who divided Punjab further into Himachal and other parts.”

Photo-Credit: Kshitij Bhargava (SD College 32)

Photo-Credit: Kshitij Bhargava (SD College 32)

The founder of Muslim Canadian Congress also voiced his opinion on his own community, the Muslims. He differentiated between Mullah Islam and Allah Islam of which he said in India mostly mullah Islam could be found who according to him have not done justice to the religion and have been guided wrong. Fatah further criticised the Indian Muslim for taking subsidy from the Indian government while making their Haj trip and still criticise the Hindus.

He also voiced his criticism for the Ideology that the Indian people. The now Canadian National said that Indians have been respecting the wrong people and have the wrong notion of Urdu which is language “containing genocide” according to him. The controversial writer said that Pakistan is the first Islamic state and needs to be finished off in order to take out the ISIL.

While talking on how to tackle the neighbours, Fatah pointed out that the Indus water needs to stopped and denounced that Pakistan is not a nation at all. Adding to this he said, “My enemies are Pakistan and Islamism”.

Photo-Credit: Kshitij Bhargava (SD College 32)

Photo-Credit: Kshitij Bhargava (SD College 32)

While Sumitra Misra who was largely silent for most of the session, apart from her periodic questions to Tarek, highlighted the writers’ vocal support towards Donald Trump, she even questioned him on the same. Tarek Fatah, who claimed that Trump is the man to fight radical Islam, moved ahead by claiming Hilary is “a Pimp for her husband, who lives on Saudi money.” Barack Obama received similar remarks.

Literati moved on after such fiery words from the controversial figure, by asking writers Amish Tripathi and Aswin Sanghi to take the stage. Both the largely successful writers started by discussing their failures of getting published prior to when they actually did and went on to entertain the crowd with some interesting philosophical talks.

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