Tale of the Blue Ocean Floor


Sitting on the shore of an ocean called ‘LIFE’, most of us don’t realize that some sort of force has pushed us into the ocean. Until of course the water gets too cold or rises over our head, the time until we are choked and fall with a dull thud into the bottom of the ocean!

The sole soul there at that point is mostly us. Unable to fathom the what, when and how of our misery we resign to stagnation and just wait for the water to recede.

We wait for the sun-rays to dance overhead so that the translucent beams seep through the waters and warm us a little, but this never happens. We just keep on lying down there or just try to waddle and paddle as much as we can, to navigate on and on in this journey without a destination. We sometimes fail to stand up for ourselves, we sometimes do not say things lingering on in the corridors of our minds since ages, and we at times just let things be.  And sometimes we take up the adventure of chasing the shark, even after realizing that we are a small fish.

But the fact one needs to realize fully is that this journey is the destination and the purpose of our existence is to love, to laugh and to live happily. It is for us to understand that no one will stand up for us if not we ourselves. For telepathy unfortunately does not exist, words are meant to be spoken or to be written down in midnight blue ink on the rough pages of paper, and not to be stowed away in some corner of the giant storehouse that our mind is!

We don’t have to let things just be. It’s not without reason that the creator has made us the smartest amongst the species and given us the rare capability to change our circumstances. It is not without logic that he has given us the instrument of utmost importance. Yes, we have a mind to figure out things for ourselves and can work towards fulfilling our material and emotional needs.

Like us there are millions of humans in the ocean and those we ought to be worried about majorly have shark like teeth and spindle like fins.  But then again like we ourselves do not wish to encounter the deadly shark, it has to be taken care that we don’t turn into one ourselves for the blue ocean floor is plagued with vices innumerable.

No one wants deception and lies and neither would you. Sometimes we need to tell other people the truth even if it might hurt, sometimes decisions may go wrong but we need to remember that nothing is incorrigible,  sometimes we may need to let go of our oxygen to let others breathe but then after all, Is it not what we expect from the others? Yes, it is.

We are pure beings enthused with eternal happiness and love but we fail to find it. Apparently because of the happiness and love being alloyed with tinges of anger and chunks of jealousy which we need to steer clear of to find what has been given to us since the day we were born. The water is five parts sour, twenty parts bitter, thirty parts problem and forty five parts sweet. It’s up to us to make a choice   and sometimes we may get a glassful of the flavor we hate, but what we make of it is up to us!

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Pavni Gaurangi

Pavni Gaurangi (MCM College 36)

Earthly and Altruistic , sprinkled with tiny hints of never ending enthusiasm. This author is prone to being gibberish at times yet forces the world to absorb her never ending sagas.



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