Take a Break, You Have Chocolates to Make


Every person needs a break from their daily routine and to serve this purpose, Plapp organized a chocolate making workshop on October 1, 2017. Previously too, they have organized many workshops relating to photography, pottery etc. This workshop took place in collaboration with Deepika Bahri, the Chef of the Day. 

Introducing herself, she shared her experience of doing various jobs, from a content writer to a chocolate supplier and then finally settling as an owner of a marketing company. Now, she makes chocolate as a hobby and it works as an excellent stress buster for her. She is definitely a great cook and taught the art of chocolate making to the participants really well.

The workshop saw the participation of people from diverse age groups and walks of life. From a 14-year-old school going girl, to housewives, CA’s, doctors and even aged ladies, all were there to bring out their creative side. 

Starting the workshop with showing how chocolate can be melted properly, the chef made sure that everyone actively participated in the event by asking them to help her in the process and encouraging them to ask questions when in doubt.

She explained the benefits of chocolate and making chocolate and stressed on the points to keep in mind if they take chocolate making as their career. She emphasized on the food quality checks and wastage reduction techniques. She explained it all thoroughly and systematically so that it was easier for everyone present to understand and remember.

It is the best stress buster for me, and the best part is that a chocolate never gets wasted you can always remold it,” said Bahari, adding “patience is the mantra to make chocolates.”

She taught the participants many kinds of chocolates, ranging from one with dry fruits to jams to marshmallows and what not. Not just ending here, she even showed them the art of packing and how it is a crucial part of chocolate making. She focused on teaching them the proper technique and helped them make the most out of this workshop. The participants were even given certificates for completing the course. It was a fun and chocolate filled evening, and everyone left with a smile on their faces.

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Bhimika Goyal (UILS, PU Campus)

I am a 3rd year student from UILS. I believe that you always get what you aim for. I love cooking and travelling.




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Armaan Dhillon 


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