I came across this particular song on the Coke Studio channel on YouTube the other day. I felt incredibly lucky to have heard this particular piece of utter brilliance that it was one of those days that I thanked the crazy technology for blurring the borders between countries and making art available to every corner of this beautiful world we live in.

Coke Studio, the original Pakistani music television series which later led way to Coke Studio @MTV, India, showcased Atif Aslam singing the song ‘Tajdar-e-Haram’  as a tribute to the legendary Sabri Brothers who originally composed the song.

The hot favorite of every young girl I have ever known, Atif Aslam actually amazed me this time. He, along with the Coke Studio team rendered the song so beautifully, it could actually transcend you through worlds more than one.

The transitory soulful music, the HEART WRENCHINGLY BEAUTIFUL lyrics and the voice of the divine made the experience of listening to the song an extremely delightful one.

The song pleads to God that even though Jannat (heaven) is acceptable to him, he asks the writer of destinies to place a tour to Medina (the sacred place of worship for the Muslims) in his fate.

Tajdar-e-Haram,itself means King of the holy sanctuary and indeed creates a picturesque and holy image of the divine cosmos.

Here is the link to the song which has been on repeat in my house since the past four days and the link also provides the meaning to the Urdu lyrics.


Kya tumse kahoon aye Rab ke Kunwar
Tum jaanat ho mann ki battiyaan
Dar-e-furqat toh aye ummi-laqab
Kaate na kat ti hai ab rattiyaan
Turi preet mein sudh budh sab bisri
Kab tak rahegi yeh beqabri

(What should I tell you, O Prince of Arabia
You already know what is in my heart
In your separation,
O you who bear the title of the Untaught One
Our sleepless nights are so hard to bear
In your love,
I have lost all sense of consciousness
How long will I remain
in this state of unconsciousness?)

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