A quick guide on things you need to, no, must know to survive in Post Graduate Government College, Sector 11, Chandigarh.


[pee-gee-gee-cee-gyarah] -noun

1) If Punjab University is King’s Landing, then PGGC-11 is the mysterious Bravos, cut off from the rest of its counterparts, but still a home to champion enigmas of its own.

2)A docile alien planetexisting in solace and away from the usual raucousness, pioneering in its silent technology to produce gems of high social, cultural and economic value to the PU solar system.

3) Manmohan Singh of colleges in Chandigarh.


[Disclaimer – This is a carefully discussed, debated and handpicked list of what any fresher, or for that matter any student must be informed about to be at ease in this college. Personal thoughts and opinions are subject to variations and the writer shall not be held responsible for its reception.]

Are you a fresher?

Or just a curious college student in search of random blathering?

Then this article might come handy to you. One of the oldest and most reputed colleges in Chandigarh, PGGC-11 has a quirky aura for which you must be a part of it to crack.

Begin noting down these glorious insights.

Welcome To Planet Lonely

That’s right. The moment you step through its gates, you are completely on your own. The honor of being the most anti-social and self-absorbed college belongs to them. Anyone walking past you is either a studious zombie or a punk alien. Fact being, nobody indulges in frank talks over here, unless you are a prior friend or somebody known to them. That’s the first rule in surviving college in PGGC, learn to do and manage things by yourself, all alone till the time you don’t make your own friends and end up as another zombie. Or an alien.

  • Caution : Park at your own risk.

There are places on earth where you don’t need to actually sell fish to make them appear like a fish market. The college parking lot succeeds as one. Yousee a Royal Enfield Bullet leaning over two meek Activas while a MarutiSwift tries to squeeze and drag its bum across the narrow pedestrian crossing cum bike stand cum driveway. My nose during a cold more often than not is less congested than that. So yeah, park inside, at your own risk.

  • Trust not, The Notice Board!

Why is it even present in this college, one is compelled to question. Because apparently the sad, gloomy and empty Board is more suitable for a typical Indian telly show. First off, there is barely anything hip and happening (except hardcore studies) in this college, and if anything does happen, the habit of checking the board regularly by the students is, again, non-existent. It is updated, reluctantly, and flashes news and noticed from bygone ages. Rather keep in touch with your teachers and officials. But the Notice Board? Can be heartlessly neglected.

  • Expect nothing. Get everything.


If you expect this college to host Science Fests, fashion shows or Star Nights, I have bad news for you. If you expect to, at the least, witness some raw fights between party members, then again, you expect too much. Here, you get basic nourishment for the sick, not a bit less, not a bit more. It’s a bland perfection of minimalistic approach towards education. Thus you’d do yourself a favour by not expecting a Student of the Year atmosphere over here, because all you’ll end up with is broken filmy dreams.

  • TheCanteen is a Gulf Oil Mine.

Don’t trust us? Go pick up just about anything from its menu card, which is also quite small and disturbingly lacking variety, and squeeze them.If luck be you might land a contract for legal selling of oil to Hindustan Petroleum. Pardoning the cramped and often noticed unhygienic conditions in here, the only reason students come over is out of sheer necessity and helplessness. Hotdog, burger, Chhole Bhature, and even the sandwiches, bathed in oil. Samosas are the only decent tasting food you could provide from over here.

Word of advice – visit the canteen only when in needed of a Coke or a pack of Lays, else, run away to Student’s Centre.

  • People you must befriend

Among the rat race you’ll witness in this college, there are some people you must befriend to ease your college term. They’ll be your constant stress busters, source of entertainment, knowledge, inside gossips, and umm, even classified college information. They include :-

The Kulche Wallah Uncle

 He is one man who can rant about the Modi government non stop, and God, you must listen to his English, no kidding, he’s good at it. Not to mention his awesome Kulchas.

The Canteen Wallah Uncle

 The. Most. Humble. Man. On the campus.

You’ll always see him smiling, asking politely if you’re done eating before he picks up your plates, and smiling more. Remind you perfectly that ah, sanity survives.

The Tuck Shop Wallah Uncle.

Again, a humble and ever advising guy. Helps the students in whichever way possible, hiding them on getting their notes cheap, informing them about the release of any new forms and reminding them regularly of deadlines. Quite the help you’ll needed.

All your Lab Assistants.

Seriously. Academically speaking, these are the guys that’ll be your constant support, throughout the years, helping you informing the right way to complete your files, latest syllabus and marking schemes, exposing the teacher’s strategies to you secretly, and, even leak out test questions for you. This, as far as we are concerned, is not a crime, but a social service.

College Photostats man won’t photostat stuff you need to photostat.

Especially notes. Yeah, that’s again a matter of fact statement. You must go to the adjoining 11 market to get your work done. Don’t know why he doesn’t do it, selfish, or lazy? Nobody knows.

The Bunking Spots

Let’s keep it simple and straight, you won’t sit in the classroom, all day, all week long. So here i made iteasier for you, the in-campus bunking spots

The tennis court.

Excellent for couples and for a quick match of cricket. Advised during winters to bask in the sun.

The Pavilion.

A breezy place, but often gets hot in summers. Gives a direct view of Shivalik Hills.

Under the Mango Trees.

All natural baby.

Miscellaneous : Get your water bottles.

Because the watercoolers over here are in pathetic condition and often found out to be not working.

Welcome To the Peace

After all this blathering. One thing stays assured. Your peace of mind and the mindset to study well stays uncompromised, rather elevated in this place. To a goal oriented, career taking student, this college is a blessing in disguise.

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