Summer Break: Expectation v/s Reality


With the summer break standing almost on its verge, here we start with the exhaustive goodbyes to the two months of chilling and acting upon the list of recreational activities initially planned. Sounds like two months spent having fun? Well, let’s just call it otherwise. It is time we confess that within a few initial days of the break, reality held mirror in front of us whereby all our plans stood foiled and we seemed to be a useless luggage for our family that they bore for two long months- every morning, day and night.

Picking up most common of these, here is a list of to do things of what we often plan for and what we actually end up doing in vacations (killing time of course).

1. Expectation: GYM-ING AND DIETING

Reality: We go days without seeing natural light or bathing:

pu-25Unlike high school days, the collegiate girls and boys intend to focus on their physiques and looks without any stress of any early class attendance or semesters. But instead, we end up hogging on food at home everyday purposelessly and everyday becomes a cheat day. As a consequence of which, we end up becoming a couch potato. We become extra lethargic, that getting up from bed seems to be a herculean task. And beautifying ourselves and dealing with summer tan and all seems to be only a dream that is far-fetched as we turn out to be one of those aadivasis who are far aloof from the worldly pleasures and beautifications.


Reality: Two months of constant nagging by Mum to do household chores

pu-24During exams, we try every bit possible to manage to get some time for ourselves. But during the summer break, with the ample of time in hand, it becomes excruciatingly boring as we have nothing innovative, or even simple, to be done. And to make matters worse, we have our cool moms who will constantly nag us to do one or the other household chores when we can’t even sort our hair strands for days. And you are a spoilt brat if you deny doing the work or get ready to get an hour long lecture or philosophical session.


Reality: Vacationing at Home

pu-26Well, that is something that can never turn out to be a reality because you have one or the other friend who backfires the plan and all you are left with is traversing the roads in front of your house. Moreover, our families can never reconcile on one particular place to visit or either it is your father not getting an off or younger sibling’s tuitions.

And all then you can do is enjoy a long holiday with your bed watching Netflix, Friends or even sometimes Saas-Bahu serials also seem to be interesting as they solve the purpose somehow.


Reality: Job applications, internships, work

pu-28It is not the inner motivation that urges us to fill the applications or find an internship, instead it is out of inferiority complex and peer pressure that the other friend has already found one. And the whole month, we just keep on filling forms, and internship applications without any of them being fructified with a hope, “Where there is a will, there is a way”. Now, nothing materializes as such because we neither had a will nor a way to go with it. And if somehow, few of us manage to get one, the holidays are definitely screwed up due to the overload of work.


Reality: I like my room the way it is!

pu-29Making plans to clean up the mess in the room or the heap of cuddled clothes in the wardrobe can never be capitalized, especially during summers. It is better to stay in the same clothes for a day or two rather than searching out in the messed up lot. And the room looks quite nice and equipped in comparison to the well settled and well managed one.

So, parents should never expect our rooms, wardrobes or books to be in place when we fail to sort out our lives during summer break.

Kudos to all my friends who shared the same cord with me as we were going the right way this summer break. And don’t lose heart if the summers did not go the way you planned or met your standards, you would have somehow managed to make most out of it (and your beds).

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Niti Goyal (SD College 32)

Niti Goyal
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