Success over recognition or vice versa?


If a common scenario is imagined, success and recognition go hand in hand. Seen from a distance, this scenario deceivingly blurs out the lines between success and recognition and almost merges them together.

But if one goes closer and looks with greater attention, one finds that success is the more powerful of the two; its fingers gripping the tiny fist of recognition.

The logic is straight and simple. Success promises recognition, but recognition does not promise success.

Success is by default the result of grit, suffering, sacrifice and hard-work. Recognition can also be hereditary. For instance, the son of a successful businessman or world leader would be born with recognition based on the success of his parent.
So, if I’m asked to choose one between the two, I would without a shadow of doubt choose success. Because by choosing the same I would promise myself a journey of growth, a journey of passion, a journey of lessons and most importantly, a journey of fulfillment.

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Samreen Chabra

Samreen Chabra (MCM College 36)

18 years old. Writer. Theatre Artist. As a writer I don’t restrict myself at all and experiment with genres as much as I can. Writing for me has always been about introducing a new line of thought, or just something to ponder upon. More precious than the content, is the feeling that comes along with it. And I hope to give my readers the same heartening experience.



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