Students Dance To The Tune of Garry Sandhu And The Landers In Khalsa College

The student council of SGGS College, Sector 26 organised a ‘Star Evening’ at the college ground on April 12, 2017. Live performances by Garry Sandhu and the Landers made the students stand on their feet.
Self claimed “future generation of Punjabi music”, The Landers, a band of three brilliant performers who are known as powerhouse entertainers, came to Khalsa College for the concert.
The playground was flooded with students of various colleges and even schools, before the start of the event. The event began a little later than 11:00am, with the live performance of The Landers. Waiting in anticipation, the crowd ignited when they finally stepped on stage. The audience welcomed them with claps, cheers, and chants. All three members of this group, Sukh, Guri, and Davi, have been students of the same Khalsa College where they were performing.  “Our own college, where all three of us have studied, and which has made ‘The Landers’ a reality”, reads a Facebook post by them about the concert.
3Once the show started, The screams and shouts never stopped. They kept the audience engaged with their hits such as King Queen, 3 VS 1, Khabraan, Jawalamukhi, Election, Dhakkan, Landed, JAIL FAIL, and many more. The trio provided thorough entertainment till evening for the packed crowd.
Garry Sandhu, popular Punjabi singer also arrived at the concert later in the afternoon.
According to many in the audience, he lifted the energy level of the audience.  He performed his famous hit songs like Heartbroken, One touch, Excuses and many more followed.
2Up-and-coming singer Sarbans Prateek also performed at the concert. With all their power-packed performances, there was little to complain about.
However, the crowd did prove to be a little bit too excited to control, and the security was poorly handled. Members of the audience approached the stage for photos, and kept going closer until many of them were standing on the stage alongside the performers. Some even took selfies with Garry Sandhu, while he was still performing.
The Landers ended the concert with an encore of their hit song ‘king queen’ on popular demand and got the crowd pumped up and started singing along, giving the concert a befitting conclusion.

About the Author:

Mamta Mehra (Khalsa College)

About the Photographer:

Sahil Sharma (PGGC-11)


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