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Admissions made easy; all credits to college parties

“The first impression is the last impression” this sounds very much of a simple saying but it stays true to its significance. College parties go all in during the admission time and stand to help the new students or the existing ones in procuring admissions in a very easy way. Guiding and making sure the procedure is followed by the students looking for admissions, all the students engrossed in the college elections aim is to get in the good books of the other students so that they can be benefit in the elections.

This time the admission process want any different, you could go to any college and you would find the very same thing everywhere. Students standing outside colleges representing different parties who would try their luck and tell their stories of struggle for students in the elections, help the students in any way they can.

They are of great help; we have to agree to that. When college authorities behave rudely with you and don’t give you the exact information of what is to be done then come into action these people might even accept embarrassment just so you get what you desire.

Sahaj Gill a student of GGDSD 32 and one of the influential leaders of the college taking note of how he and his fellows have worked said “our sole endeavour remains to help the students, because we know the inconvenience that come ones way when filling the forms or during the counselling phase”. He added “the secondary purpose is undeniably to get them on our sides during elections, we work for them we can expect a fruit in the end.”

Every college has some of these hard working lads who give it all for the students. Maybe what these parties do does make your day easy in the end. Look at it:

  1. They help you know the important dates of admission through their facebook pages which who might not check on the college websites.
  2. They inform you what documents are needed for the procedure of admission.
  3. New students are given the very comfortable and home like feeling.
  4. They are literally all the help you need.

Student elections can get on your nerve at times but the fact remains these parties stand in the hot summer sun just for the sake of helping you out. We got to give them this here.


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