Student Brutally Stabbed in DAV 10


Hindustan students association (HSA) supporter Sachin nehra was brutally stabbed by 5-6 supporters of Indian national students association (INSO) on 17th july 2015 inside the DAV college campus.This is being seen as a result of a clash that took place between the two student unions.

According to sources,INSO supporters came to the college in a group and had sharp edged weapons in their hands.The supporters of two student unions started arguing with each other and this took shape of a brutal fight.Pardeep,a supporter of INSO stabbed Nikhil with a sharp edged weapon on his right arm.Other senior HSA supporters like Harjit maan were also beaten with sticks.

The incident has again brought in light the kind of student politics that is carried out in PU in general and DAV College in particular.

Authorities of the college ,including the Principal Dr BC Josan ,took a serious note of the incident and directed the security staff to have a very strict check on the entry of outsiders in the college campus.


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