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If you still get the chills from listening to Robert Plant’s dazzling voice in the Zeppelin songs, go bonkers listening to Kurt Cobain scream his heart out on the Nirvana records or just sit back and relish the cordial harmonies of The Beatles, this article is a must read for you.
Here is a necessary list of several artists of the 21st Century who still keep the spirit of the most influential era in music alive:
#1 Rival Sons
rival-sonsIf you’re a fan of the 70s Rock n’ Roll scene, this California based band is to look out for. With a heavy-bluesy sound, their fifth studio album, Hollow Bones, released under Earache Records debuted at number 1 in the US Heat Charts this year. Opening for Black Sabbath, they are surely making a mark in the industry.
#2 Violent Soho:
violent-sohoCompared to the likes of bands like Mudhoney and The Pixies, this Brisbane based boisterous alternative rock band definitely keeps alive the spirit of the Grunge era. Having already released a Gold Record, the band’s latest album, Waco, debuted at number 1 on the ARIA charts in 2016.
 #3 Black Pistol Fire
bpfThe Austin based two piece is a phenomenal representation of the raw blues music from the Chicago scene of the 80s. With songs like Hipster Shakes and Suffocation Blues, this band has taken the States over by a storm.
metzThis relatively unknown band from Toronto is an experimental noise rock three piece. Carrying a vibe of the explosive Seattle underground 90s music scene, this Sub-Pop Records band has released two studio albums so far. With hits like Acetate and The Swimmer, the band was nominated for the Polaris Music Prize in 2015.
#5 Gojira
gojiraMetallica, Megadeth, Slayer, Anthrax are one of the biggest names in metal music till date. Ever wonder how a combination of these bands might sound like? This French heavy metal band from Bayonne is just that. Having released six studio albums, Gojira is often mentioned to be “amongst the genre’s leading new millennium upstarts”.

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Manhar Manchanda (Dept. of Economics, PU Campus)

Manhar Manchanda
(Dept. of Economics, PU Campus)

17 Years Old. Currently pursuing BA Honours in the Economics Department, PU. A Movie buff, a Beatles/Nirvana fan, love to play the guitar and write songs.


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