Strobing our way into 2016


Are you sick and tired of standing before the mirror and praying for the Kardashian-like jawline and cheekbones?

While some of us would rather want their empire, there are those who spend an awful lot of time learning how to master the art of contouring.

Let’s be honest, killer cheekbones are either achieved through make up or plastic surgery. But this 2016 you need to move over the fuss of 320 types of brushes and shades to a youthful glowing look, Strobing. Runway to race tracks, this look has been spotted everywhere. For those who have a quizzical look on their countenance as they read this line let me breakdown the meaning of Strobing first.

This new, less time consuming make up trick allows you to embrace not only your physiognomy but also your confidence. All it requires is a skin tone complimenting highlighter, which is applied to only those parts where light naturally hits your face. You highlight your important features the same way you’d highlight important textual notes. No cumbersome process of blending and clowning is involved and your end product is a natural, radiant and dewy look.

This lightweight make up trend is especially beneficial for those who want their stratified squamous epithelium to breathe. By using only one illuminating highlighter you establish the difference between your visage and a cake. Isn’t that a relief? Oh, and you get to shine as well!

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