Strike in PGGC 11


Fresh out of the election shock wave, hot-blooded and raging with the conviction to make a change, the newly elected Student’s Union of Post Graduate Government College, Sector-11,Chandigarh, stood in support of frustrated hostelers to stage a hunger strike in the college premises on morning of 8th September, 2015.

The main complaint of the hostelers being their unease with the hostel warden, Mr. Manish Yadav, and the Chief Warden Mr. B. P. Yadav, they demanded a clear cut resignation from the two. Accused of not lending a patient ear and procrastinating their work, the students claimed to have bore the brunt of their carelessness.

The main demands put forth through the strike included demand for adequate supple of clean drinking water. Also they claimed that water supply for household purposes was near to none. Many complaints were lodged, but none seemed fruition.

Another accusation was the lack of cleanliness and hygiene in the hostels. Periodical cleaning required students to beg to the officials to send in sweepers and cleaners. The washrooms are in dilapidated conditions and the park has grass growing shoulder high, they said.

They also demanded for proper furniture and a common room. Fed up of the creaky doors and broken tables in almost all the rooms of the three hostels, the hostelers thus decided in a desperate move to let their starving bellies ruffle the feathers of the officials.

The students got into a debate with the Principal Mr. G. S. Raghu, who evidently appeared annoyed at the disruption of campus peace.

The aforementioned demands put forth by the College Hostelers was supported by the President Mr. Sombir Grewal and Vice President Mr. Kunal Dange themselves. A fact worth appreciating was that PUSU presidential candidate, Mr. Sajjan Singh was also present giving force to the voices of students.

Another show of strength in youth unity, PGGC-11 awaits yet another dramatic judgement in favour of student’s rights.
Until then, the strike continues.

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