Strength Training: The Quintessential Aspect of Fitness for Women


As women age, they are prone to bone loss which might lead to osteoporosis and arthritis. Although men can also suffer from this as they get older, but women are at a higher risk due to their lighter skeleton in case of younger women. Strength training can help to build strong bones that are consequently more resistant to bone loss at later stages of life.Whereas, older women of this type of training can help to slow down the process of the bones becoming weaker.

Strength training helps in building muscles which are metabolically a more active tissue in comparison to fat (Now, that means you burn more calories at rest if you emphasis on building muscle mass!)

Being physically strong has various benefits, as it keeps you energized and aids you in participating in the everyday chores pro-actively. Better muscle tone and increased strength due to strength training also helps in improving balance. This is very important for older women, who may be more at risk of falls and injury due to weak muscle tone.

Many sports personalities have been seen to be benefitted from strength training as it provides good balance, which is further helpful in surfing, skiing, dancing, and gymnastics. So, strength training, particularly in the core areas, can be of immense help for people indulging in these activities. Other benefits of strength training include that it gives you a toned & firm body frame; unlike the long Cardio sessions which leave only leave you with saggy shoulders and loose skin around the arms, belly area and thighs. 

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