STREE – Perfect Balance of Horror and Comedy!


Horror comedy is a genre that bridges two extremes and targets the audience in the most captivating manner. Stree, starring Shraddha Kapoor, Rajkumar Rao & Pankaj Tripathi, does exactly the same. The movie is inspired by a phenomenon called the Nale Ba.

The urban legend took place in Bengaluru, reportedly Malleshwaram & Rajajinagar, sometime in the 1990s. Legend says that a witch used to haunt the city and knock on doors, whoever opened the door would be killed on spot. The reason people would open the door was the witch would use the voice of a loved one, to lure them. Then people started writing ‘Nale Ba’ translated to come tomorrow in Kannada, outside their homes. Reportedly the witch would read it and leave for the next day, continuing the cycle perennially. As Bengaluru became the IT hub and progressed people didn’t have time for such superstitions and the legend faded away.

Stree, working the lines of this legend has a, ‘Is baar mard ko hoga dard.’ The movie has the perfect balance of the belly hurting comedy and goose bumps raising horror. The acting done by the entire cast is nothing short of phenomenal. The cinematography has been portrayed beautifully in the detailing of the scenes and the dialogues. The story focuses on how the evil spirit called Stree haunts the village of Chanderi for the four nights of Pooja and takes men only leaving their clothes behind. She targets men in search of her true love who was taken from her and killed. The movie is filled with knee jerking suspense and counters all the thoughts and doubts that arise in the minds of the audience. Even addressing the silly notions that come up with the urban legend. The plot line keeps on stepping towards predictable and unpredictable when it finally jumps towards the unpredictable side in the end. It’ll have you guessing and your side throughout the movie. Stree breaks stereotypes and talks about issues like prostitution, consent social standings, slipping in satires in the most subtle yet comic way. The jokes are smooth as well as observational. There is not only spooky horror but also slow, one that makes you chant a constant mantra of ‘No!’ through the movie.


Definitely worth watching.

Our Rating – 8.5/10.

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