Story of the BBQ Ranch Burger and Fajita, Chili’s Review


Avleen is a quirky girl from MCM with messy hair and love for poetry.

Himanshu is a quirky guy in UIET who loves football and gaming.

Himanshu and Avleen walk to the third floor of the Elante mall, Avleen as usual skipping and hopping for no reason at all and Himanshu randomly swiping the home screens on his phone. They stop at Chilli’s, which isn’t at any corner, nor in the middle, but just at the right place.

For the first time someone takes them seriously. The smiling waitress welcomes them and guides them to a well-lit table of two which is facing a wide screen showcasing a live match between Liverpool and Manchester United. Himanshu gets lost in the game as the new signing Anthony Martial just put the ball past the net. Avleen nudges him back to reality and reminds him of their task.

The menu is big, bold and beautiful accompanied with mouth savouring pictures. The accompanying prices won’t give your wallets a good feel but if you are coming here you probably know you’re going to need to pay a little extra.( Pro Tip by Himanshu and Avleen – There’s 1+1 on Mondays and Tuesdays).


Avleen says she feels like Chandigarh seems to finally get something truly American! Himanshu corrects her by adding Mexican too.

Finally they order, Quesadillas and The Tripple Dipper as a starter. Avleen then ordered the BBQ Ranch Burger for her American cravings and Himanshu ordered Cottage Cheese Fajitas for his Mexican love.

The server brings them their relatively massive order to the table.

The dishes are presented perfectly and servings are in gratuitous amounts with sides and fries. Avleen is spellbound and in complete love with her burger for a moment. Himanshu is delighted that they are getting bang for their buck.

The Quesadillas are the best ones Himanshu has ever had. The cheese is literary oozing out of every corner. If you like cheese, you’re going to love every bite of these. (Pro tip – you can change the rice and beans to any other side)

The Barbeque Ranch burger becomes the best burger Avleen has ever had. It is expensive but totally worth it! It’s HUGE, sumptuous and utterly delicious! The mashed potato with cream and brocolli, no matter how simple and bland it is for Himanshu, is an utter delight for Avleen.

The fajitas are excellent as well. Himanshu enjoyed the crispy fajitas where you fold the chicken or cottage cheese yourself on the bread. The cottage cheese was cooked incredibly well and the vegetables gave a delicious aroma. They were filling and Himanshu had trouble completing his portion which is a rarity for him.

The meal cost about 1500 for them, and their taxes are unreasonably high but the food makes up for it easily.

They will surely be visiting the resto Americano to satiate their cravings sooner and oftener.

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Himanshu Goel (UIET, PU)

20 year old studying engineering in UIET, Punjab University. I have been featured in 101 words, Beam me up podcast and forthcoming in flash fiction magazine and Poly chrome Ink. When not writing I like to play football.


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