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Elaborate on “being okay”? What does okay mean? Oh well it means you’re feeling content. Okay but not the way we use it. When your friends are going through something and they reply “I’m fine, I’m okay” 99.8 percent of the time it’s just an excuse to escape from expressing themselves.

This might even be you. How many times a day, you break down? Felt unwanted? Unloved? Worthless? And replied “I’m okay or I’m fine” Some of us go through days, months and years pretending we are okay for what? Afraid your family and friends will laugh or you care too much of them being worried for you or do you think no one will care?

You are only building up these emotions which will create a huge backfire later on. It’s okay to admit you’re feeling down. There’s someone out there that will always help and listen to you. Trust me, someone out there cares. A lot of us make friends online because they’re more compatible than the ones we have in person. That’s completely fine. What’s not okay, is you lying about how you truly feel and letting it eat you alive.

You’re not worthless! You’re not too skinny or fat, stop comparing yourself to others because you’re great the way you are. You look great with make up on and without it too your looks are just elegant. You like crop tops and shorts. You’re a band freak. You edit your picture that is absolutely Okay. You’re the non shaver? Whatever it may be make yourself home with your likings and it will fit into you.

It’s what you like. It’s not what anyone likes. It’s your life, you deserve to be happy. Whatever is bothering you, be open about it. Someone you trust and to be honest, I talk to myself a lot. Sometimes I like to believe someone is listening and I feel better. If you’re afraid of admitting to a friend what’s going on. Don’t be. If they’re your real friend, they would understand or at least try to be there for you. I honestly believe we need at least one person to be there for us during the bad and good times. Yes I am here for all of you. I care about each and everyone one of you. Hopefully this will help someone out today.

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Raahat Sarpal

Raahat Sarpal (SD College)

Luck favors them those who work hard. Hi I am Raahat Sarpal quite creative and a passionate writer.. I write what i feel or what is happening around me. For me its more important earning knowledge that bucks.. A great learner today will surely be some huge earner tomorrow; that’s what i believe


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