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You will never learn if you donot cherish what you’ve earned so far –  your lessons and mistakes. We all  celebrate New Year thinking about a fresh start of our dreams and lives. We often say that with every new year we confront a brand new book that awaits us to fill in what we gain, what we lose, what makes us happy, what makes us sad and all in together what we live and how we live.
It is said that, “For the last year’s words belongs to the last year’s language, and the next year’s words awaits another voice ; and to make an end is to make a beginning. We all, every year ,fill in a book with all that we’ve faced throughout be it your first date to the finally last traumatic break up. Every single moment of that phase becomes a part of that ‘Year Book’.
By the end of the year we all love to read our book louder recollecting every memorable moments. This is so strange that whenever a new year arrives, a new book of life comes up yet we hold on to those old books as that’s the way it needs to be done. We all must not forget the past even if it’s heartbreaking because all these books are actually mere chapters of that mighty book we all call it – Life!
Let us all begin writing the new chapter of our life with full on enthusiasm without any hurdle in the walk of life. To make sure that the walk is smooth and a grand success , keep an eye on your shadow because your shadow depicts your past which reflects what you’re today!
So the New year is not about changing the dates but directions, it is not about changing the calender but commitment. Also it is not about changing the action but  the attitude that you learn from your past year’s book. Therefore, follow what your heart says, learn from your mistakes and move towards glorious new chapter of the book called LIFE!


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Anmol Kak

Anmol Kak (Mass Com, PU Campus)

I love watching movies, dancing, exploring new things, observing people around. Music is something without which life is incomplete. I dislike fakeness and diplomacy. I believe in living every bit of life. Be mad. Be crazy. Be your own kind of individual. Stay happy, stay beautiful is what i emphasis on.


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