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Edgar Guest, a renowned poet, succeeded largely because he always focused on the man he wanted to become and not the man he was. He once made a statement that “On my vacation last summer, I discovered that the man I would like to be is a wiser fellow than the man I am. In my cottage I made a list of the things I did. They have helped me lead a richer life.

If you’re reading this, you’ve got to go step by step

You need to take the first step. Your journey of a thousand miles begins when you take the first step; when you develop the courage to go all the way up. Otherwise, you’re just nowhere. You are just going through the days, doing nothing, either remaining at the same place or going down. Most people believe that they’re secure, they’ve got nothing to worry about, and they know it all, without knowing that they are just chaining themselves to one place, without going on and exploring what they can do for themselves. They subtly get addicted to the material comforts they think they have acquired and before they know it; their potential has already been drained. Once you fall into this hole, it’s really hard to climb back up again. 

You’ve got to go step by step!

You’ve got to learn not to be dependent on people. You need to first work hard to develop your own standards and a high degree of independence. Whatever you’re doing, whichever field you’re in, you need to have the capacity to see your own work with some distance so that when the public reacts, you can distinguish between what is worth paying attention to and what needs to be ignored. 

You’ve got to go step by step!

You cannot afford to be impatient. Life is not short. 
Lucius Annaeus Seneca, a Roman Stoic Philosopher, on shortness of life brilliantly said, “Life is long enough and sufficiently generous amount of time has been given to you for the highest achievements, if your time is well invested.” If you’re putting in time and effort into something, then all you need to have is a little patience. Our results aren’t going anywhere. Impatience is perhaps the single greatest downfall for an individual. It will continually haunt you, no matter how disciplined you might think you are. Take pleasure in the process. 

You’ve got to go step by step!

It is always better to be aware and to know about these pitfalls in advance and avoid them. 
You need to go slow but efficiently.

“When you are progressing toward a goal that matters to you and appreciating the steps along the way, that’s a Good Life.”-Rubén Chàvez 

Step by Step. 
Have an amazing week!

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Nitish Pathak (UILS, PU Campus)

Currently studying at University Institute Of Legal Studies, Panjab University. He published his first book named ‘To be in the 1% Club’, which is available on Amazon stores worldwide and has sold 3000+ copies. He is currently working at his father’s law firm along with his studies.

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