Stars Land at Leisure Valley


Students of DAV College were seen tapping to beats of Dilpreet Dhillon, Mehtab Virk and other dazzling performers on March 17th, 2017 when the Student Council organised the annual Star Night at Leisure Valley.

The event was graced by guests from various political affiliations including the Mayor of Chandigarh, Asha Jaswal.  The day lined up perfectly with the sun at the top and a cool breeze below blended into a perfect weather that ushered the day to an unforgettable one. The roster of singers and artists was also selected with special attention to the tastes of the student and was successful in attracting an impressive amount of audience and making the students pleased with the event.

The performers entertained the crowd with all their zeal and talent. The band ‘Zunoon‘ was one such band that rocked the stage with their extraordinary musical capabilities. Kuldeep Sharma, with his melodious voice became the first Himachali folk singer to perform on such an event in Chandigarh. A large chunk of students in DAV have their roots in the hilly state and they were dancing around with beaming faces. Kuldeep Sharma is a prominent singing sensation in Himachal Pradesh and has been a pioneer in his work for many years now.

The crowd drove into a frenzy when the Haryanvi singers, MD and KD took the stage and set it on fire with their songs. The duo tickled everyone’s funny bone with their humorous lyrics.

111As the evening progressed, the crowd witnessed a variety of cultural musicals and dances; the Manipuri dance, the Himachali folk dance of Nati, Punjabi Bhangra, and more.

There were all these fans who eagerly waited for the star performer, going to the effort to try and make it backstage for a glimpse. When the much awaited and anticipated Dilpreet Dhillon took over the stage, the energy of the crowd could be felt throughout. The crowd assembled even closer to the stage, as if the barricade couldn’t contain them to witness him; such was his charisma. In all, the night will always linger in the students’ memories and will be known as a landmark for many in the college.

Joint secretary of the Student Council, Raman Deep Bholta, putting his thoughts to word said, “We worked hard to make this day possible and I’m happy that students have turned out in large numbers on this day. I feel especially honored for giving the Himachali crowd a representation here and we will strive to work towards the betterment of all.”

The management and volunteers also did an amazing job of putting everything together, keeping the crowd in control and organizing the whole affair. The Star Night is an annual event which is organised by the Student Council of DAV and with this year’s event the standard has been raised.

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Shakti Sharma (DAV College 10)

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Tanvi Gawri (DAV College 10)


Hi, I am Tanvi Gawri. I am a natural-light photographer with a unique artistic style and a love for candid captures! My personal goal is to preserve time, make memories, gaze upon a moment and feel the raw emotions rising from within that image.


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