Stark Love of Dark

Synonymous to negativity
Sinister to joy,
Darkness is my love
As ancient as Troy.
Its my mirror
its my closet,
it is the only kin
who never lets loneliness beget.
Because its always with me,
always in proxima,
in the brightest sunshine
& in the best never parts!!
And thus it never parts,
and hence it never vanishes,
and then as it is the fate of every belonging of mine,
It is resented soon!
I say…
It is peaceful but too vacant,
It lets me vent but echoes my whispers,
It holds my hand but never lets it go,
It sleeps with me but never lets me rise.
It wipes my tears but never stops them,
It acknowledges my fears but never removes them.
And when I try to wake up,
When I try to leave the dead soul
It captures me in its jaw,
It sends me things I never know,
Loud silence and solitariness in mob,
Harshly soft is the gift of this rob.
And maybe that’s why,
Every tide I surf,
Makes me drown.
And every smile I propagate,
Makes me frown.
Craters of the past,
Are embellished by some stars now.
The drought of this planet,
Now not only has dew but snow.
But the endless space above
The only dorm for me,
Still holds my stark love
My empty darkness!
And so I continue to write
Never letting the words rest
Coz they’re my weapons
No one bothers what happens!

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By: Ishita Singh (Vellore Institute of Technology)

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