Look above,
The sky so swelt with tiny dots.
Diamonds like heaven that twinkle up there
Look what you see, tell me, Dear!
I have no sight for such beauties ever enduring.
I have no life for such wasteful exploring.
Look how the shooting stars they fall.
I wish I could stop and gaze at them all.
But alas like life I have to hurry up
Run to my destination-run up the rush.
But you have all the time in the world
To stop n watch them, Lift and swirl.
You have the time, to dream of the sky.
Capture your thoughts in the blink of an eye.
See, the euphoria of life.
I sit here struggling among pages of vice.
Of things that are ‘more important’ in life,
And things that would help me
pay the price.
Price of my life, that I usefully waste
On ‘important things’ in a timeless haste.
While I see the Stargazer dream of stars.
I sit here dreaming my hopes ajar.

About the Poet:

Purva Dwivedi (MCM DAV 36)

Purva Dwivedi (MCM DAV 36)

Poet by heart; realist by mind
Curious to the core 
I’m weirdness redefined.



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