Star Trek Beyond – The Final Frontier


Star Trek is back with its third instalment in the new movies series , and although the marketing for this movie had been lackluster, the final movie is anything but. 
Justin Lin, known for his recent fast and furious movie,  takes the directors seat this time. Although many people were skeptical of the choice, Justin has done justice to the movie and the characters. The space imagery is beautiful and the soundtrack is perfect in most situations.

The movie is focused around the characters and their relationships, and that’s what makes the star trek Universe special. Without characters like James. T. Kirk and Spock,  Star trek wouldn’t be Star Trek. There is meaningful character development for every character and the interaction between Spock and Bones ,a relationship we haven’t seen in the previous movies, steals the show, .

The new additions are a hit and a miss. Jaylah is a fun character with some impressive makeup and design and a meaningful backstory. She is a badass when fighting the enemy and something interesting is bound to happen whenever she is on the screen. Idris Elba as Krall slightly disappoints due to the slow pacing of the villain, in the first half of the movie he’s nothing more than a nameless big bad wanting to destroy the earth. He would have been a good villain if it weren’t for the amazing job done by Benedict Cumberbatch in the previous movie as Khan. Another gripe with the movie is its inconsistent pacing, it takes some time to take off.

There are some amazing summer blockbuster moments in the movie , with big budget action set pieces.

In all it’s a great Star trek movie focused on the characters and the series is in safe hands with Justin Lin. You should definitely watch it if you are a Star trek or a Science fiction fan.

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