You’re a speck of disappointment much like a stain that spreads and coagulates to seep within these helpless humans you not only leave people devoid of passions, color and vigor but make them a lifeless mould of blood, decay and leave them to tears. Of dreams and childhood of what is irreversible is this how the system works stripling humans a pack of fortune nothing but sweaty notes of paper which move a nation to a nation state to transnational corporations to ebbing economies but spending on these dolls once humans and dispersed into examples of ironies and living a life of death and decay left to earth to infiltrate by filthy men and women who got nothing better to do or to earn off an errand so pathetic so bemused what is the fault of these little children it’s a shame to families to blinding opportunities to circles and circus I mean how many satires can you make or what is a dialect? These innocent faces into a daze presented so obliviously yet so deliciously printing pages into black ink of numbers of victims of will and corruption and interception a child not even an age of four introduced to contraception what are we carving? Where are the women? What is this country if not a speck of disappointment and feeds the egos of men with instinctual animalistic desires.

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