Srishti Fest: A Call For Conservation of Environment


A fest was organised in PGGCG 42 by Srishti, the Environment Society of the College on November 18, 2017. The fest was organised to highlight the damage humans are causing to the nature. 

It began at 9 a.m. with registration of students from different colleges for different activities. The activities included, Quiz, Poster Making, Face Painting, Model making, Ad Mad and Eco Rangoli

The participants of face painting competition and eco rangoli showcased their commendable creativity  on the topics ‘Wildlife and Environment Conservation‘ . 

The quiz, which took place in the multimedia room, consisted of five rounds which were designed to test the knowledge of the individual related to environmental issues and concepts. 

In the model making competition, participants presented their working models for environment conservation to promote the idea of sustainable development, something which is a need for the hour at present. 

The last event of the fest was Ad Mad was conducted in Sabras, the auditorium of college. Participants did wonders with mundane topics given to them, rendering the audience laughing uncontrollably.  Some of the topics given included-energy conservation battery, Charging Jacket, JadooCharger etc. 

Once all the activities were done, the chief guests for the event Mrs. Binu Dogra, Principal of the College and Mr. P.J.S Dadwal, Member of Chandigarh Environment Conservation Committee were invited and they were honored with a bouquet of flowers as a token of respect and gratitude. 

The audience waited in anticipation as the results were declared, and the chief guests were requested to come on stage and hand over the prizes to the winning teams. 

In Eco Rangoli, Upinder and Simranjeet from DAV 10 stood first. In quiz, the team ‘Snow Leppard’  from MCM DAV college won the first position. In model making competition, the team from GCC sector-50 took over the first position and in Ad Mad, the team from Khalsa College managed to be at the top. 

The program was concluded with a few words of wisdom by Mr. P.J.S Dadwal in which he shared how the Government is taking steps to reduce pollution and how we as a part of the ecological balance, should practice some measures to control the level of pollution in coming times

It is necessary that such events should  be conducted more often in colleges, with the view to generate awareness among students and put a halt to the   eminent environment destruction. 

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Garima Khurana (PGGCG 42)

A girl who is in love with books and herself. Can be best described from her love for music and her guitar. 




About the Photographer:

Paras Khurana (UIET, PU Campus)


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