The reason they’ll feel bad about you being in the same room

is much more complicated than you know;

they fear you.

you, the woman, who has no train track for her words, you, who lets it flow, go off the rails..

they fear you.

you are too big for them; the kind of big that has space for growth and other big things, no bullshit.

zero bullshit.

your words, strong, bold, godless.

you; spit soul in burning flame so damn well that you become one.

They fear you.

they will fear you.

negotiations with you, is like trying to cut a old tree down,

it’s almost impossible to snatch your everygrowing roots out of you.

they fear you, a woman, and you don’t fear nobody.

you; look them in their eyes, slip outside your clothes, reveal your wounds. you are a godless goddess.

so be one; make temples with unshakable beliefs, screams and nerves.

look at them shake when you speak the truth.

be something.

on your own.

something so that one day you pat your own damn self to say “shaabash meri sherni, YOU and you only; did this today.


Ishankaur Khalsa- Lady Shri Ram College,DU


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