Spotlight: Dance Camp by Oorja Danceworks


On November 25th and 26th, Chandigarh witnessed the opportunity to sharpen their dance and body rhythm under the professional counsel of three dance mentors at the Bal Bhavan, Sector-23, Chandigarh. This 2-day dance bonanza was organised by Oorja Danceworks, and was named ‘Spotlight’.

The experts invited to train were all nationally and internationally renowned dancers, namely Abhishek Das, the leader of Famous Crew, which was a dance group on Dance + Season 2, Kaushal Pradhan a.k.a Bolt who is yet another celebrated choreographer and a former contestant on Dance+ Season 1, and Devanshi Mishra, the owner of Oorja and an expert in classical & cultural dance types having trained from the University of Iowa, USA.

There were three classes on each day with a turnout of more than 70 students. This was the enthusiasm with which the people of tri-city welcomed their gurus. While Abhishek Das kept the students light on their feet with freestyle, Kaushal Pradhan made everyone shake a leg using the art of popping. Devanshi Mishra taught the class how body should react according to the music and how a dancer must show exuberance in every move. Each step of her choreography on the song ‘In aankhon ki masti’ was an epitome of elegance and flawlessness.

A dancer should be like a magician”, were the words of Bolt as he awestruck the students with his electrified pop moves. “It’s an amazing workshop. The trainers have made me feel like a professional dancer already!” expressed one of the students. Yash, a member of Oorja was thrilled at the success of the event and said, “Both the days have been a total hit. We’ll definitely do it again!

Oorja Danceworks, an academy of dance based in Chandigarh itself, conducts events almost every month but this one was one of the most cosmic events it had ever organized. From freestyle to popping and from hip hop to cultural dance, the workshop exposed the students to a myriad of dance styles. Each student seemed exhilarated to have got a chance to learn from such maestros and it was indeed a thriving event that the tri-city would be overjoyed to be a part of again.

Spotlight was probably the biggest and first of its kind dance camp in Chandigarh that witnessed the presence of such celebrated Indian choreographers all under one roof for two whole days. The workshop aimed to teach the young dancers not just technique and choreography but also impart knowledge about the world of dancing and the manner of conduct that every artist should be aware of. Oorja Danceworks felicitated every participant with a certificate after two days of fun filled dancing.

The end of two days was the result of all the smiling faces coming out of the venue.

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