Spoken word poetry embedded in three golden rules.


Essentially, poetry is the most unstructured, accommodating and liberal of all writing categories. Rules are mostly reserved for the mechanical aspect of writing that includes reports, articles, essays etc. In fact for some, poetry is synonymous to freedom. The spirit of poetry is emotion, and there can’t possibly be a word limit for that!

However, spoken word differentiates poetry from its written form. Since spoken word poetry is a product of performance culture, all performance-related rules apply to it. The audience is the prime priority in any performance, as the very essence of a performance is that its content aims at reaching a larger number of people. 

This brings us to the first regulation of spoken word:

~The Time Limit
It is important to keep the audience engaged throughout the course of your poetry, in order to reap an honest and edifying response. Although, the poetry mustn’t be too brief either, it must have the ability to make common and artistic sense and hold the audience’s attention as well. Therefore, it is vital to have a time limit and three minutes seem like the perfect duration for the same. 

Moving on to the second regulation:

It is pivotal that the poets perform what has been written by them as that not only rules out the offence of plagiarism, but also facilitates their performance. When someone recites something they’ve written, a rush of emotions engulfs them and injects an unmatched level of power into their recital, thereby, escalating the quality of their performance and subsequently the impact it makes on its listeners. The simple reason behind this is that one’s art is the mirror of one’s existence, thus a self-written poem will flow straight from within.

Lastly, the third regulation:

~Prop Usage
I’d like to lay special emphasis on the ‘word’ in Spoken Word. The content must be so strong, so enthralling, that it should render any external properties redundant. A poet’s approach alone is all he/she needs to recite well. That is of course, if the poet brings the emotion of his work in his eyes, and uses his hands to create a dramatic effect of sorts.


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Samreen Chabra

Samreen Chabra (MCM College 36)

18 years old. Writer. Theatre Artist. As a writer I don’t restrict myself at all and experiment with genres as much as I can. Writing for me has always been about introducing a new line of thought, or just something to ponder upon. More precious than the content, is the feeling that comes along with it. And I hope to give my readers the same heartening experience.



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