Special Education: A World of Unique Students


Gone are the days when students with disabilities were placed in different classroom, or even in a completely different part of school. These students can now sit alongside their traditional student peers for at least some part of the day, with the help of Special Education.

Special education, describes an educational alternative that focuses on the teaching of students with academic, behavioural, health, or physical needs that cannot sufficiently be met using traditional programmes and techniques. Many people, as per their opinion remarked; the students with disabilities don’t have the right to education. Consider this: you are driving in traffic, it starts raining and you can barely see in front of you. Your music is blasting so you turn it down to focus on driving. Your brain can only process one sensory input at a time. This is what is it like for someone who’s especially abled and has difficulty in processing sensory information.

We often find it funny when we see a person with a stick and black glasses. Imagine the agony of the person who doesn’t know how to communicate about what he’s feeling. Here enters IEP’s Individual Education Programmes!

IEP’s are considered the main drivers in special education and the mechanism through which these students receive their education to meet individual learning needs. Laura Bray, assistant professor of education, explored how educators wrote, used and conceptualised the role of IEP’s for students with special learning disabilities. “The tragedy of our time”, is that few people recognize and treat the behaviour as a learning disability. And so, this youth worsen rather than improve. Special education reveals how the students with the unique challenges can best be supported and nurtured within education system, helping them to attain knowledge skills that will aid them in living a rich life.  

Students with reading problems were considered lazy but they are not regarded this way anymore because of the special education. The special education tutoring: –

  • Helps children grow comfortable
  • Helps them match up the students who understand their disabilities
  • Helps to identify best- strategies
  • Builds confidence
  • Prepares students for lifelong success.

There needs to be a lot more emphasis on what a child can do instead of what he cannot – Dr. Temple Grandin

Gifted and talented students are increasingly becoming a part of Special Education world. Enrichment groups, independent projects, online education courses are a good way to pique the interest of these learners.  

The special education with inclusive learning can build up a youth with more powerful stimulations. Let’s wish for a world that views disabled students, not as hindrance but as a unique attribute that can be seen as a powerful asset if given the right opportunity.

Regardless to say that with the help of IEP’s; they’re not special students with disabilities but especially abled with the sixth sense!

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