Sound of Music-Literally!


 Listening to music is one such thing, that everyone indulges in. Some listen to it regularly, while others might just choose not-so-regular route. Some listen to every second of everyday (i.e. me). Some use earphones, while others use speakers. Some blast the volume to the point that they ensure themselves, as well as their neighbour, going deaf. Others are more on the normal level. Still some others hardly use these contraptions.

Basically music, for many people, occupies a major part of their lives. You might be sitting in a workshop and suddenly your phone goes off (which is actually rude! Always put phone on silent so as to respect the speaker!) And the one sitting beside you will lean over to ask about the song. Random people, of completely different streams with nothing in common, bond over this phenomenon-Music. This is because music touches a part of you, that even you are not aware of. And when you find someone equally interested in that, your subconscious realizes that that person relates with the part of you that very few other can see.

I, for once, found one of my closest friends only due to the fact that we were both crazy about Kpop. And music is so much more than being just a ballad or rap or rock. The pleasure it brings to you can never be bound by a specific genre.

People claim to hate certain types of music based on either their language or the genre or even the singer! And that is in simple words, ridiculous! The world of music is one which opens your mind. Or at least I hope it does. The sound that music creates, practically cleanses your soul. Especially, if it suits your liking.

TIP: Sitting under the shade of a tree, with music playing, is one of the best things ever! Because basically by the end, you will either be sleeping like a log beside the trunk, or be jumping like a hyperactive puppy (speaking from personal experience. Warning: Both cases are embarrassing!)

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Tanya Bhatia

Tanya Bhatia (MCM College 36)

Hello everyone my name is Tanya Bhatia and you have just read an article written by me! I absolutely adore reading!; whether it is fanfiction or novels or mangas, I don’t discriminate. My greatest passions are writing and learning new languages.And also listening to music of said languages; whether it is Korean, Tamilian, Spanish, Japanese, English, Chinese, as I said I don’t discriminate.


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