Some times are such!


Time is mortal or eternal?
Flies, all say,
mortal, all say,

Has it never stopped for you?
Those times, remember?
You were at the verge of sinking
And fancied the more of same
Or just you were hung
like the chain of being,
Times when nobody could catch
the plunging you nor you wanted them to
Time, they never say, is eternal
But some times are such
It seems eternal.

The good days don’t last long
Do they? Nor the happy seconds
Somehow they are so swift
None can capture them
The times when you run with time
To catch it, recall
Could you ever?
Time, they say, is mortal
But some times are such
It seems eternal.

Unintelligible yet existing
Time is mortal or eternal
Flies, all say
Mortal, all say…

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Umang Kharbanga

Umang Kharbanda (Eng, Pu Campus)

A young, jubilant ,social and lively girl who loves intellect and writing as a part of it. English literature fascinates me a lot academically.



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