Alliance- SOI + INSO + NSO + GGSU + YOI + HIMSU


The Punjab University Campus Student Council (PUCSC) elections are just around the corner and with just two days left for the big day, the parties are all geared up and their campaigning is in full force. Just days before the main event, various parties joined hands to form a strong alliance. The parties which have formed an alliance are SOI, INSO, NSO, GGSU, YOI and HIMSU. The elections are scheduled to be held on August 26 and all the parties are putting their best foot forward, not leaving any stone unturned, canvassing and reaching out to the students one on one, as just a day is left for the campaigning. After the announcement of the alliance, we had a small talk with a INSO spokesperson who told us that the alliance was formed to strengthen the spirit of working towards a common goal of student welfare, to which SOI spokesperson added that an alliance can only be formed with the parties which are driven by similar ideologies and who share healthy relationships with one another. The joint agenda includes, setting up of hostels for girls, taking steps to ensure girls safety, transparency of allocation of budget fund system, student empowerment, online budget display, representation of all the departments among many other issues to be taken up by them . The alliance proudly announces that equal representation to female candidates has been given as the panel has two female candidates contesting for the post of Vice President and Joint Secretary. With just 24 hours left for campaigning, the parties strive their best to tap as much area as they can and for that they plan to make around 12- 15 teams of its members including the candidates as well, who will go from class to class to bring their agendas to the notice of the students and plan to carry out rallies throughout the campus. Let us see how far the alliance contributes to the fate of the parties involved, who swore by the strong panel of their candidates. Two more days and we will see who is here to stay for long.

The following is the panel of candidates after the alliance:
Jasmeen Kang – President – SOI – Research Scholar from Physics Department.
Preeti Negi – Vice President – HIMSU – Geography Department.
Rishi Bhardwaj – General Secretary – NSO – Research Scholar from Bio Physics Department.
Swati Tiwana – Joint Secretary – INSO – Law Department (3 years).

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