SOI Turned Tables in GGDSD


As the clock struck 12 on 6th September, GGDSD College witnessed the overwhelmed crowd of elated supporters of SOI+JISMU+INSO+GGSU, on road to celebrate their clean sweep over the allied competitive alliance of SDCU+SDHU +SOPU+HPSU+PUSU.

The SOI candidate for the post of President, Iqbalpreet Singh (2172 votes) defeated Anmol Katyal of SDCU by a margin of 740 votes. It was the highest ever number of votes polled for a presidential candidate in SD College.

The students chose their office bearers for the Central Association Election 2016-17 by voting in huge quantum for the candidates of the SOI party. The student turnover was something worth applauding this time. The respective party supporters cheered for their candidates and motivated the mob to become an integral part of the most hyped event of the college throughout.

The polling commenced at 9:30AM and ended at 11AM. With that, the results were highly awaited. SOI party in alliance with HIMSU, GGSU and INSO had a legendary win, as for the first time in the history of the college, a party won by such an enormous number and margin of votes.

Manpreet Kaur of BCA 3, with 2169 votes, has been selected for the office of Vice President over Sahil Singla of B.Com 3 with 1332 votes.

SOI also reigned the polling for the post of Secretary, as Harpreet Singh with 2057 votes won over Ashish Singh (1473 votes) and Arush Dev (2187 votes) surpassed Sparsh Dhar to be elected as the Joint Secretary of the college. Thus, these elections turned the tables as SOI in alliance with other parties had a massive win over the former student council of SDCU +SDHU. Swapnil Modgill and Ankita Rai were selected as the Class Representatives of B.COM1 and BSC1.

SOI came out with flying colors in these elections as they were successful in making the students believe to their theory that, “The College needs good leaders and policy makers, who will bring about a revolution and would encourage a difference”

So, best wishes to the elected student council for the year 2016-17 and hope they meet the expectations of the college and the students and hold true to their promises.

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